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Hanauma Bay Snorkeling
Reservation Form

$12.50 tax included
Blow Out Sale For 2017!

Closed on Tuesdays
Closed on Christmas Day & New Years day

Requires a minimum of two (2) paying customers
$12.50 fee includes the following:
  • Waikiki Hotel pick up and return
  • Air Conditioned and Fully insured vans
  • Professional drivers
  • Sanitized professional equipment (mas, snorkel & fins)
  • Instructions on how to use the equipment
  • Snorkeling safety tips
  • Guidelines on being an environmentally friendly snorkeler

Pick up Time
from Waikiki
8:00 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
Departure Time
from Hanauma Bay
12:30 pm
2:30  pm
4:30 pm
Pick up is from most of the hotels in Waikiki
$5 additional fee if staying more than the scheduled departure time
In  order to discourage the Hanauma Bay visitors from staying too long, the  Snack Bar and the shaded seating areas have been relocated to the top  of the mountain.
As such, you will be in the sun directly for the most of your visit.
Nevertheless,  people are still requesting for the earliest pick up with the latest  return, which most if not all would end up calling us to change to an  earlier departure time from Hanauma Bay once they arrive and see the  situation.
Henceforth, we have now implemented a $5 additional fee for more than the scheduled departure time.
This should discourage anyone from prearranging their stay to be too long at Hanauma Bay.

Strollers & bulky items are not allowed on the vehicles
Same day orders are only accepted in person at our office
This is a round trip transportation on a taxi with the snorkel gears rental included.
This is not a guided tour.
Individuals are allowed entry to the Hanauma Bay.
However,  group permits are normally required for groups of 10 or more people, it  is our recommendation for you to contact the Hanauma Bay educational  department at for further information on obtaining a group permit.
Your group of 10 or more can be turned away at the admission gate if you do not have a group permit.
We are not responsible if your group is turned away at the admission gate for not having a group permit.
The first time that I went snorkeling was exhilarating.  The fish came in many different shapes and sizes, and the florescent  color designs that they displayed were brilliant. I have to confess that  the experience was riveting. If you have the opportunity to go Hanauma  Bay snorkeling, it is definitely a chance that you should not pass up.

Hanauma  Bay snorkeling is a must do for any type of diving enthusiasts. If it’s  your first time snorkeling, or if you’re a seasoned vet looking for a  new adventure, Hanauma Bay snorkeling is exactly what you’re looking  for. The exotic marine life that you will encounter is absolutely  stunning, and the experience is priceless.

Snorkeling is a form  of diving, which allows a person to breath underwater while their face  is submerged. When snorkeling, a person will usually wear a diving mask,  diving fins, and a snorkeling tube fixated in the mouth to allow for  breathing. Snorkeling is great for those who want to explore the ocean  and don’t have the time to take scuba classes. You can experience the  thrill of exploring underwater life forms without all the heavy gear.

When  you go Hanauma Bay Snorkeling, you are sure to have a memorable  encounter with all the underwater beauty that Mother Nature has to  offer. Because this area has been frequented by other snorkelers for  many years now, the fish are very friendly. When you’re on a Hanauma Bay  Snorkeling excursion you can come face to face with over 450 different  species of tropical fish, sea turtles, eels, octopus, crabs and other  sea creatures.

You may be wondering how Hanauma Bay snorkeling  is any different from snorkeling somewhere else. I securely feel that I  can answer this question with ease. Hanauma Bay Snorkeling simply offers  an experience you will not find anywhere else. If you have an  opportunity to explore the oceans wonderment, no matter where it might  be, then I suggest you do. Just don’t pass up the chance to explore the  magical cove of Hanauma Bay.

The crystal clear water, the  friendly marine life, and the memories that Hanauma Bay Snorkeling  provides is near unbeatable. Hanauma Bay is a truly magnificent place.  If you’re ever vacationing in Hawaii, then you’ve got to take advantage  of this beautiful preserve. Millions of people have frequented this cove  in search of its wonders. Hanauma Bay Snorkeling is bound to leave you  with an unforgettable memory.

Aloha and happy snorkeling!
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